Congratulations! You have found the best material to successfully build your next project. Promafour is the most widely used board in the chimney market today and for good reasons. Thanks to a strong combination of a number of different properties, Promafour has become the standard material applied.

This rigid high quality board resists temperatures up to 500°C for a very long time, has an excellent smooth surface, can be cut easily with diamond saw blades and can be assembled rapidly using standard screws or even stapling equipment directly onto doublers made of promafour strips, metalstud, aluminium profiles etc. Price/quality ratio is very favorable and this has led to Promafour being the standard panel applied today.

Big advantage of this board is that thanks to its very smooth surface, these panels no longer need to be plastered after installation. Without further necessary surface treatments, simply applying wall paint gives a very satisfactory end result.

12 mm thickness is also very suitable for a fire protection construction for the chimney’s. In case of an incendiary, (Dutch) insurance companies have approved this board for this application. A very important feature in case of claim disputes.

Mid 2009 a Dutch professional, with a modest side role for Frontech, developed a construction building method, omitting the necessity for plastering. This method has become the most used in the industry. The Etex group took over this idea and today presents it as “the promafour system”. Want to see how? Please have a look at the video.