Gas fire logs

Frontech creates, manufactures and supplies a wide range of decorative imitation wood logs for gas fired fire places.

In 2003 Frontech was the first to start to create highly realistic logs made exclusively for a specific new fire place design. Ending 2004 Frontech was also the first to introduce up to 1,40 m long thin twigs.

One can think of split wood, twigs, pine apples, chips, glowing bed materials etc. In house we create and manufacture new models and/or manufacture models presented by our customers. Within the normal dimensions of present day fire places a lot can be created. We have a wide range of models out of which you can create every possible realistic looking set. Should you prefer to have a unique set, just for your project? This is possible too. Together we can achieve a very satisfactory result. To get an impression of the possibilities, please have a look at the images.